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Old School Building

Budova staré školy

Already in 1590 is the first written mention known about the existence of a school in Bakov near the St Bartholomew Church. 

Since 1776 the education took place in a wooden house, which was brought from the near Spa in Klokočka. It was substituted by a stone school building built at the current place in 1824 and later extended by the rear tract. Its building through the count Ernest of Waldstein is proved by a historical commemorative board bricked in the left inner wall behind the entrance door. Till the end of 19th century the education ran in mixed classes. After opening the big boy school in 1905-7 the building served till 1953 only as a girl’s school and after another nine years as a mixed school again. After moving all classes to the main school building, the municipal library was established on its second floor in 1963 and the modern school canteen on the ground floor, functioning till 2001. In the same year, the today’s modern library was established, which was added by a branch of the basic arts school. The rooms of the second floor are since 2002 seat of the museum of Bakovsko with an eye-catching exposition dedicated to the history and culture of the region.

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