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Points of interest

Holy Trinity Column

Náměstí se Sloupem Nejsvětější trojice

The dominant of the the Bakov square is the baroque Holy Trinity Column or the „plague“ column. It should protect the inhabitants against plague blows, which the town often was accompanied by. It was built in 1727-29 and it comes from the workshop of the important baroque sculptor Josef Jiří Jelínek from Kosmonosy. The stone rail was added in 1770.

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St Bartholomew’s Church

St Bartholomew’s Church

The predecessor of the church was the wooden St Mary’s Chapel, built early of the settlement of Bakov at the beginning of 13th century. At its place, Havel and Wilhelm of Zvířetice have a stone church built consecrated to St Bartholomew.

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Old School Building

Budova staré školy

Already in 1590 is the first written mention known about the existence of a school in Bakov near the St Bartholomew Church. 

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Cemetery portal

Hřbitovní portál

The representative renaissance cemetery portal from 1588 is the second oldest monument of Bakov nad Jizerou. It is situated in front of the area of the former cemetery with the St Barbara’s Chapel. The portal was erected during Johannes of Wartenberg.

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St Barbara’s Church

Kaple sv. Barbory

The church was originally the St Jacob Chapel, which was built at the end of 1630s by Johann of Wartenberg as the family tomb. It was used as an oratory of the Bohemian Brothers as well, because the family Vartenberg was a supporter of the Protestant Church. After the Bohemia Revolt, the church was 1547 cancelled and renewed in 1614 first.

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Prokop Veliký’s Congregation

Sbor Prokopa Velikého

The Prokop Holý Church (as well the Hus’ Church) was built in 1931 in the functionalistic style according to the design of the Bakov architect Josef Studničný. Its building hangs together with founding the Czechoslovak Hussite Church in Bakov nad Jizerou in 1920.

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Boys' School

Chlapecká škola

The Bakov school was built in two phases in 1905-7 according to the design of the Backov architect Josef Kinzl. 

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Sokol Building

Sokolovna nyní

The Sokol building near the railway station comes from 1926. Its foundation hangs together with the activity of the Sokol organization in the Bakovsko Region founded already in 1885.

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