St Bartholomew’s Church

The predecessor of the church was the wooden St Mary’s Chapel, built early of the settlement of Bakov at the beginning of 13th century. At its place, Havel and Wilhelm of Zvířetice have a stone church built consecrated to St Bartholomew.

At the end of 16th century, the church was vastly reconstructed in the late gothic and renaissance style, which author was the builder Petr Patzenhauer from Česká Kamenice. After the fire 1657 it was repaired in baroque style and it got its actual tower. The last rebuild took place after the fire of 1838, when the tower got its actual roofing. 

The actual church is a single-aisle rectangular building with a prismatic tower. At the southern side of the aisle the literati gallery on pillar arcades is situated. In the south-western corner, the St Mary’s Chapel from 1744 is situated.

The inner decoration of the church derives mostly from the 2nd half of 18th century. The main altar from 1733 is the work of the carver Josef Jelínek from Kosmonosy. It bears the picture of the Holy Trinity from 1741 and the picture of St Bartholomew from Antonín Košátecký from 1819. An important monument of the Church is a stone font from 1665.

Opposite the church a late baroque vicarage from 1774 is situated. In front of it the St Johannes of Nepomuk statue stands, created 1731 by Josef Jelínek from Kosmonosy, which is a cultural monument of the Czech Republic.