St Barbara’s Church

The church was originally the St Jacob Chapel, which was built at the end of 1630s by Johann of Wartenberg as the family tomb. It was used as an oratory of the Bohemian Brothers as well, because the family Vartenberg was a supporter of the Protestant Church. After the Bohemia Revolt, the church was 1547 cancelled and renewed in 1614 first.

At the times of Ernest Josef of Wladstein it was rebuilt in 1700-4 by Nicolas Reimondi into the actual form and reconsecrated to the St Barbara Church. A new forefront inspired by renaissance elements of the cemetery gate increases.

In 1676 a municipal poorhouse was built left from the cemetery gate with a shield in the same style.

The main altar of the chapel comes from 1743 and is formed by sculptures of St Barbara, St Ludmila, Mary Magdalene and a crucifix from the workshop of Josef Jelínek from Kosmonosy.

In the area of the former cemetery, dissolved in the first half of 20th century, rests of historical gravestones around the surrounding wall are situated.